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Scores of the flying scourges came – they took over. They violated our space, intimidating our children and pets. They fouled our dock and grassy banks, leaving their filth everywhere. Everyone said, “Run them off – they’ll ruin your lake!” We chased them away, screaming and waving our arms, but they came back. We sic’d the dogs on them, and they left for a while, conspiring and sneaking back when the dogs retired for the night. Even shooting a gun over their heads scared them off for a day….but they always returned. Brave as well as nasty, they were determined to co-exist with us, to mingle in our midst, to ruin our lovely landscape with their noise and furtive deposits. We advanced and multiplied our troops. We were relentless in the protection of our property. More shots. More dog patrols. More presence. Our resistance was angry and fierce. Finally, we thought we had won. No sign of the enemy for weeks. Then two of their agents slipped into the watery reeds along the bank undiscovered. They did their dirty work. They laid down plans for future invasions. They laughed at our foolish human efforts. They smelled victory and found it sweet. We were shocked when they boldly sailed across the water for the first time with their new recruits, sneering at our weakness and applauding themselves for their strength and determination.

But aw, gee. Aren’t they cute?



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