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My Hallmark Signing

Posted on: December 17, 2010

What an awesome booksigning I had last Saturday at the Hallmark store in Petersburg, IN, the community where I taught middle school for  30 yrs. I was so pleased to see so many of my former students, now parents, bringing their children to buy books. Andrea, a nurse, has five children and they all love books. I recognized Mike as soon as he told me his name. I was pleased to meet his daughter, Paige.I taught Darin and his wife, Amber in first grade, then again in 7th grade. It pleased me that Darin, now the country prosecutor, brought their daughter, Maggie, to buy a book. I remember visiting her school.  When Rachel told me she was Rachel Dawson, I recalled the pretty , quiet girl in my class. I was happy to meet her reading son. I had both Chris, the county probation officer and his wife Chelsea in class. Their little boy is too young to read, but adorable.

Joe brought his little girl and told me how he’d liked books ever since I read to him in class. Thanks, Joe, for telling me.

It did this old teacher’s heart good to see her former students, now caring parents and responsible citizens.

My next booksigning will be TOMORROW (Sat. Dec. 18, 1-4pm) at the Barnes and Noble store in Evansville, In. I hope some of you will come, if not to buy a book, just to say hello.

Don’t forget, books make great Christmas gifts, and my Bailey’s Chase novels are also available as eBooks. Maybe Santa will bring you a Kindle!

Thanks for reading my blog, and Merry Christmas!



4 Responses to "My Hallmark Signing"

Once more, I thank all my former students for coming to my signing. Thanks also to some fellow teachers and some old neighbors. You just made my day.
Merry Christmas to you all!

I think this is the coolest Blog post I’ve ever seen.

Karen…a very proud publisher!!

Karen, Thanks for putting the cover of *Back to Bailey’s Chase* on my blog! I finally figured out how to get the comment box up. Maybe there’s hope for me yet! Marlis

I had lots of those same kiddos too!

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