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It was early  Monday morning when her mother called. “She doesn’t want to go to school,” she told me. “I don’t know if she’s sick or just tired, but when I pressed her, she began to cry. Can you keep her today?”  Of course I could, that’s what grandmothers do best. I spead sheets on the couch so she could watch tv or nap. She arrived in bathrobe and slippers, clutching her pillow and favorite blanket.  She didn’t say much and curled up on the couch. Her mother told me she’d played basketball on Saturday, slept over at a friend’s house, then had softball practice on Sunday afternoon.

I offered breakfast but she only wanted juice. Her forehead was cool. She slept until noon. When she woke she felt much better, more like the eleven-year-old I knew and loved. I prepared her favorite lunch, chicken noodle soup, and she ate it all. I think she was just exhausted from doing all her favorite things. She told me her teacher was reading my new book to her class and was to read chapter 14 that day, the one where Sparky and Grey start sixth grade. Of course, we found a book and she opened to the right place. I read chapter 14  to her and I don’t know who enjoyed it more. She had a lot of homework to do when her sister got home, and she went to school the next day.


Rose Marie and Hal HollywoodIt was New Year's Eve and our first mystery dinner party. We received information from our hosts, the Sweeneys, regarding our characters. Rosie owned a speakeasy and was throwing a party to celebrate its success. Sadly, her husband had just been murdered -shot and thrown into the river. Rosie invited all the big shots of Chicago (1925) and felt certain one of them was the killer. She let everyone know she planned to expose the murderer and get revenge.Both the mob boss from the north side of the city and from the south side came. Also, the mayor and his wife, a bootlegger (Rosie's supplier), the bouncer, the chief of police, two aspiring actresses, a cigarette girl/waitress, and the celebrity of the evening, Hal Hollywood. Hal was about the announce the lucky lady who would star in his new movie - the first talking motion picture, destined to make world history.Everyone at the dinner received money and clues. Bribes and blackmail money was passed under the table during dinner. After dinner, the lights went out and deadly shots rang. Rosie located a flashlight and the group found Notorius Nick, the mob boss from the north dead on the floor with a bullet hole in his forehead.Mobster and fiance/aspiring actressRosie learned that Nick, the victim, had killed her husband and paid a huge amount of money to have his fiance' cast in the starring movie role. After Nick's body had been dragged out, the group shared information. It seemed everyone had a reason to kill the gangster. However, when the dectective from the Pinkerton Agency arrived, all the truths were revealed. It was very complicated, but the Chief of Police was the culprit. (in center with gun at detective's head) Note: the bouncer in black also has a gun. In fact, most of us "packed heat." Dina Diva, the floozy at bottom left, won for best acting.Everyone voted and only the bouncer had figured it all out. Rosie won the certificate for best costume. Rosie and Hollywood Hal got home very late that night, but what fun! The Whole Gang


Notorius Nick and Fiance/Aspiring Actress

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