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February seems like such a worthless month. Holidays over, I’m just waiting for spring. The only highlight was early in the month when my son brought his little sons to slide on our snowy hills. It was all downhill from then on.

I decided it would be a good time to do some of those tasks I’d been putting off, so I took a deep breath and made a list.

  • 1. Put away the Christmas Village.
  • 2. Sort and organize 3 yrs of photos, place in albums.
  • 3. Do my taxes…groan.
  • 4. Have that wisdom tooth extracted as my dentist recommended.
  • 5. Finally submit to a colonoscopy, pleasing my doctor.
  • 6. Get the Nanny McPhee growth excised from my forehead.

It’s my “Bucket List,” I told my friend.

“No,” she said. “A Bucket List is all the fun things you want to do in your lifetime. You have made a “Reverse Bucket List.”  Whatever.

It’s Feb. 20, and I’ve done them all. Yes, I’m glad I just “Put on my big-girl pants” and did them.  Interestingly, the one I dreaded the most turned out to be the easiest. Now March looms, filled with 3 state reading conferences, 2 speaking engagements, a school visit, an author luncheon & signing in Indianapolis, my birthday, spring’s arrival, and keeping sweet grandchildren while parents travel.

Thanks for reading my blog.



Santa brought me a Kindle. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not – after all, I had read regular books since I was six years old (Ahem! Notice how I’m not saying how many years?) Could I adapt?

I’d been wanting to read Ken Follett’s World Without End, so my daughter showed me how to download it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. While I was at the amazon.com store, I also downloaded some free classics, just in case. I started reading and pressing the edges to advance the pages. So easy to handle, so light, so easy to carry about. If I want to reread a page, I just press and Zip! I’m back. When I turn it off, it marks the place and starts up at exactly the right place. It even adjusts the font if you want bigger print.Wish I’d have invented it. It’s hard to believe it will hold up to 1500 books! Wow! That’s so impressive. It’s small enough to slip into my purse and take with me when I travel. If I finish one book, I just go on to the next. And…this is big: The ebooks are MUCH less expensive than the traditional ones. My new Back to Bailey’s Chase is only $2.99. I went ahead and ordered the next two books my bookclub has selected. If you’re interested in one, go to amazon.com and order one; it will be at your house in a couple of days. A cord comes with it, so charge it up and it’ll be good for a month or so, then charge it again. It doesn’t take long. Honestly, I’m not selling them nor do I get a commission, but I do wish I had some stock in the company. I love my Kindle!

Now….if I can just remember not to read in the bathtub anymore. I don’t think it would survive a baptism.

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