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My Bucket List

Posted on: February 19, 2011

February seems like such a worthless month. Holidays over, I’m just waiting for spring. The only highlight was early in the month when my son brought his little sons to slide on our snowy hills. It was all downhill from then on.

I decided it would be a good time to do some of those tasks I’d been putting off, so I took a deep breath and made a list.

  • 1. Put away the Christmas Village.
  • 2. Sort and organize 3 yrs of photos, place in albums.
  • 3. Do my taxes…groan.
  • 4. Have that wisdom tooth extracted as my dentist recommended.
  • 5. Finally submit to a colonoscopy, pleasing my doctor.
  • 6. Get the Nanny McPhee growth excised from my forehead.

It’s my “Bucket List,” I told my friend.

“No,” she said. “A Bucket List is all the fun things you want to do in your lifetime. You have made a “Reverse Bucket List.”  Whatever.

It’s Feb. 20, and I’ve done them all. Yes, I’m glad I just “Put on my big-girl pants” and did them.  Interestingly, the one I dreaded the most turned out to be the easiest. Now March looms, filled with 3 state reading conferences, 2 speaking engagements, a school visit, an author luncheon & signing in Indianapolis, my birthday, spring’s arrival, and keeping sweet grandchildren while parents travel.

Thanks for reading my blog.




5 Responses to "My Bucket List"

I’m glad you’re getting health stuff taken care of. One of the things on my list is to buy a high-deductible health insurance plan as soon as I can afford it.

LJ, One of the benefits of aging is medicare. Loved your book! Thanks for reading my blog, Marlis PS- see you at the SC Festival?

Hi, Marlis!

I’m getting into this blogging thing with glacial sloth, but one must keep up. They say. And I know which one of your bucket list I’d avoid if I could. It involves orange Jello. 😉

The snow looks like fun, though, and all those cold nights are great for writing!


Hi Abbie, I ordered your new book, Bone Blind, on my Kindle and I am loving it. Yep, you guessed right. Hugs, Marlis

I was sorta wondering which one you dreaded the most. From the above post I gather it is the same one I need to get done.

I’ve not been getting emails when you update, so I checked the box below.

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