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Printers Row, Chicago 2011

Posted on: June 27, 2011

My Editor

Printers Row is an awesome 2-day street bookfair, held every June in Chicago.  Four city blocks are closed off and white tents fill the streets. Tents are filled with book publishers, book stores, etc. Some tents sold food and drinks, some antique books and postcards, some literary t-shirts. My publisher, Echelon Press, always sets up a booth and invites those authors who can, to come and sign their books. It was my second year and each year I  got to meet more people who work with Echelon Press. JR Turner edited my last book and I met her for the first time, apologizing for giving her such a hard time over some of the changes she wanted me to make. I know she was right; it’s a better book due to her expertise. The two girls below are Sonja and Anika, holding two of the many books I sold that day. Since over 100,000 visit this annual event, we kept busy talking with the many book lovers. A booth near us sold propaganda promoting communism and segragation!! Musicians strolled past strumming banjos. People pushed bikes and strollers, pulled kids in wagons, and rode scooters. I saw little people, people who were 7 ft tall, people covered with tattoos and piercings. Some wore dreadlocks, some sported bald heads with paintings on them. I saw pink, purple, and green hair. There must have been people from every nation on earth. I saw someone who looked like Robert DeNiro, another like Harrison Ford. I saw people in casts, with eye patches, long beards, and I think the governor of Illinois. One couple was fighting, one mother signed about my books to her deaf daughter, who wasn’t interested. Darn! I wished I knew how to sign. One woman looked like Dracula’s bride another surely weighed 600 lbs. Someone handed me a brochure entitled: Muslims for Peace. Gale Borger and Claudia Whitsitt are two of Echelon Press’s newest authors. Both were excited to be selling their new books. Two new friends! I read and enjoyed both of their books. We saw every breed of dog! Several aspiring writers came to our booth in search of advise on getting published. One woman touched my books and said, “Your name is almost like mine. Mine is Marlise.” I told her I wished mine was Marlise. I like that. In addition to the thousands of book lovers pulling bookbags on wheels, we met teachers, librarians, college students, and photographers with the biggest lenses I’ve ever seen. Muslim women came by with pretty scarves covering their heads. Tough-looking bikers wearing black Harley t-shirts and bandanas perused our books. Typical of Chicago, the weather changed from the nineties to the fifties with wind, in a manner of minutes. Wind off the lake, they told us. (I came home with bronchitis.) Karen Syed, the CEO of Echelon Press made hotel and dinner reservations for us, so we had time to get acquainted. Some of the authors I’d met last year and some at the SC Book Festival, but there’s always some new ones. Karen did a great job of organizing our booth and part in the huge event. I am looking forward to Printers Row, June 2012. Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town!


Gale and Claudia


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