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Pitcher's ready...

It amazes me to watch my grandgirl pitch the softball. This 90 lb. 5′-2″ eleven-year-old hurls the ball at 45mph. I’m not sure where the strength comes from, but we hear her “oommph” as the game progresses. It’s hot sitting there in the sun these summer days watching girls’ fastpitch softball games, even though we take shade umbrellas and plenty of water. But it’s what parents and grandparents do. We cheer them on, listen to the rythmic chants coming from the dugout, and grimace when someone gets hurt.

How I would have loved to play softall or basketball. Raised between two brothers I loved to play yard baseball and shoot hoops. However,  it wasn’t an option in my young days. “It’s not lady-like,” they told us. “Girls need to cheer the boys on. You can be a cheerleader.” Yeah, right. I thought it was baloney then and I still do. Lucky for girls today, they can do it all. My grandgirl plays with passion and pride. I wonder if she knows how much I envy her.

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