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Posted on: August 15, 2011

The Lifeguard

My daughter and I packed the van and headed for our annual trek to Destin, Florida,  with our three kids, ages 9-11. It’s an eleven-hour drive but no one cares. We left at six and moved into our condo on the beautiful wind-swept beach by five, even with stops for breakfast and lunch. We always have our first dinner at The Back Porch, a nearby rustic beachfront restaurant, and watch parasailers glide past. A few isolated showers interrupted our afternoons but left us plenty of time for romping in the waves with the kids. They snorkled, surfed on boogie boards, built sandcastles, and dug their own spa. Mornings found us shopping at the many gift shops and outlets. Lunches always included fresh seafood and the long afternoons on the beach stretched on until dusk, when we moved to the pool until dark. Stephanie and I rented beach chairs and an umbrella, where we read on our Kindles. It’s a peaceful beach, with sugar-white sand and emerald water. I especially love to watch the troupes of pelicans gliding by in formation. One evening we went crab hunting until a storm chased us back inside. Another evening we were thrilled to watch baby sea turtles climb out of their nest and make their way to the sea by moonlight. This was the highlight of our trip. 

I dropped off a copy of my newest book, Back to Baileys Chase, at Destin Beach Club, the condo where  the main characters Sparky and Grey stayed on their vacation. I thought their guests might enjoy reading it. I sent a copy last winter to the Destin Middle School and the fifth-grade teachers read it to their classes. They invited me to come and speak to their classes, but had no funds to pay authors’ expenses, so I declined. I offered to come when I returned to Destin, but it didn’t work out since they don’t start school until Aug. 22. Maybe we’ll work something out later. We’re already booked for next year; maybe they’ll start earlier.

In the book, (chapter 12) Sparky and Grey have a magical adventure on the beach and warn the lifeguard of a shark lurking near the pier where children are swimming. I included photos of the lifeguard and the pool where the girls swam. (Try to imagine the legs belonging to the Bailey girls.)

Sparky and Grey in Pool

Destin Beach Club


2 Responses to "BEACH WEEK"

Looks as if you had a great time! I would love to return to Colorado to plug Wild At Heart (the clean version, lol!)

I’ve heard the beach in Destin is beautiful. Your pictures and description of your trip make me want to go.

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