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Posted on: November 20, 2011

What a surprise to see Meadowlark Lemon at the KY Book Fair in Frankfort last weekend. He was polite, well-dressed, and soft spoken. Nothing like the clowning, noisy superstar who played with the Harlem Globetrotters when I was a kid. He’s written a book, Trust Your Next Shot,  about his remarkable life, and people stood in line for a signed copy. My husband asked him if he played college ball. He said, “I didn’t have time – I went from high school to the Globetrotters.” I stood in awe of this gentle man who entertained millions with his antics and basketball skills.

As usual, one of my favorite authors, Ann B. Ross, was there with her “Miss Julia” books. I’ve read and loved all of her books except the newest one, which I’ll download on my Kindle. She’s always so gracious and modest about her writing. If you haven’t read any of her books, you’ve missed a lot of fun.

As I meandered past the tables of the 180 authors and their books, I was pleased to see Kim Edwards with her new book, The Lake of Dreams. My book club read and enjoyed her first book, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I bought one of her new books and am reading it now.

I finally made my way to my table and signed over sixty books for youngsters like Emily from Frankfort. I told her she reminded me of Sparky Bailey, one of the main characters in the novels. My table mate was Judy Spegal, a retired teacher and first-time author from Kentucky. We had a lovely day together, meeting people and signing books. When she left, she kissed my cheek. I love that southern hospitality.


3 Responses to "MEADOWLARK WHO?"

I saw Meadowlark being interviewed & was surprised by how he really was.

And I love Ann B. Ross & Miss Julia. I haven’t read them all yet, but I’m working on them. I think my sister has read them all & is eagerly awaiting the new one to come in to her library.

I remember Meadowlark from a thousand years ago when the Globetrotters would do shows in Vincennes! Wow, great to see he’s still around, looking great and writing books.

Meadowlark was one of my favorite Globetrotters when I was a kid!!! How awesome you got to see him:) Glad you had a great time!

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