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Christmas Memories

Posted on: January 2, 2012

I wonder what our five grandchildren will remember about coming to Gram’s and Gramps’ house for Christmas. I’m pretty certain they’ll remember the twinkling tree surrounded by a pile of brightly wrapped presents and stockings stuffed with small surprises. They’ll remember running and playing with their cousins and urging the adults to finish dinner, so they could open their gifts. They’ll probably recall the fancy cookies and candies, but forget the lovely table decorations and Christmas ham. Part of me believes they’ll always remember how Gram read Clement Moore’s famous Twas the Night Before Christmas before the first gift was opened. I’ve done it every year and the older girls recite it from memory as I read. The little ones listen, bright-eyed and eager for the unfolding magic.

But most of all, I hope they remember going to church on Christmas Eve, singing carols, lighting small candles, and their spectacular united glow in the darkened church.  And how we lit the Christ candle on the dinner table and remembered the baby Jesus in the manger before the table blessing.

I pray their childhood Christmas memories fill them with an essence of family and love. After all, God’s mighty gift to us was all about His family and His love.

Happy New Year and may “God bless us every one!”


4 Responses to "Christmas Memories"

What a wonderful picture for remembering Christmas!
I had to laugh, though, at your husband’s expression.

I hope all the grandkids grow to love books, as I did early on!

Morgan Mandel

My hubby had heard it before 🙂

Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions!
Christmas IS indeed about God’s love demonstrated through the birth of His Son. What a privilege to be a part of God’s bigger family!
Pastor Mark


Print a copy of this blog and save it for each grandchild to have when they are much older…the memories will return.


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