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That is…Ireland Elementary School in Ireland, Indiana. A few weeks ago I received an email from a teacher there, who told me the fifth grade teachers were reading the Bailey’s Chase novels to their classes. She asked if I would come for a visit. Of course, I could; it’s something I love to do.

I met with the 75 fifth graders and their teachers in the group room of their lovely little school. The children were attentive and courteous. We discussed the books, reading and writing in general, and character development. I asked them who reminded them the most of Sparky Bailey. Hands immediately pointed to the blonde girl. When I asked who made them think of Grey, they pointed to the dark-haired girl. It was no contest for who resembled Newt, the boy next door. Only one boy had reddish, spiky hair, a serious demeanor, and looked a little older than the girls.

I asked the three if I could take their picture and almost made them miss the bus. I thank the teachers at Ireland Elementary School for inviting me to visit and commend them for reading to their classes.

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