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To celebrate my birthday this year, my daughter and her family accompanied my hubby and me on a Disney cruise followed by three days at Disney World. Getting older is unavoidable, unless… well, I won’t even go there. Anyway, my birthday was spectacular! We flew to Orlando, boarded the Disney Dream and spent four nights being entertained and treated like royalty. It was the first cruise for Stephanie, Joe, Chase, and Gracie, and it had been years since we’d been to Disney World.

We spent two days at sea, one day shopping at Nassau in the Bahamas, and one day on the beach of the fabulous Castaway Island. Our rooms and balconies connected and they issued special cell phones to us, making it easy to find each other among the 4000 on the ship. The dining was superb and the nightly entertainment delightful and suited for families. I especially enjoyed the magician and the fireworks. We didn’t have time to do all the activites offered, but enjoyed the pools and sunny deck area. We all rode the Aqua-duck, an enclosed clear water slide that ran all the way round the huge ship, then out over the ocean, finally dumping us into a shallow pool. Wow!

We posed for this family portrait on our way to dinner one evening.

At the Magic Kingdom, Joe hurried off and got “fast-passes” for us, which enabled us to see all the shows and ride everything we chose without long waiting lines. I didn’t have time to think about getting older as I shot down waterfalls, zoomed through space in a “Star Wars” ship, or hung on for dear life on the roller coasters. We watched Indiana Jones shoot a scene, gasped at crashes and bombings at the Hollywood Theme Park, and enjoyed Disney stage performances.

Note how I’m hanging on for dear life on the Splash Mountain picture! No arms in air for me.

I will always remember this as the best birthday of my life and thank my family for taking me. Mostly, I thank God for giving me the health and family and opportunity to do this. If you want to see more pictures, check out my page on facebook. Thanks for reading my blog!  Hugs, Marlis


It was a normal evening and I sat by Gram as she watched TV. It must have been ten, because she told me it was time to go outside for a pit stop and then to bed. Like a good dog, I went outside. In the back yard, I smelled something strange. I crept toward the strange smell. I saw something that looked like a black and white cat. I barked and told it to go home –this was my territory. It didn’t run. It stood on its hands, stuck its feet into the air, and made a terrible smell. I decided to bite it so it would go away. When I tried to bite it, it bit ME and it wouldn’t let me go! It sunk its teeth into my chin and hung on. “OW!” I tried to shake it off, but it wouldn’t let me go. The more I shook the worse it smelled. I think I shook every bit of stink out of it. I felt sick. UGH! My eyes burned. I yelped for help. Gram heard me and came running toward me. It was dark. I tried to go to her, but this crazy, stinky animal had its teeth in me and I could hardly walk. When I finally got close to Gram, I was walking in circles, dragging this stupid animal. Gram yelled, “Something is attacking Gypsy!” Gramps thought it was a raccoon and got his gun. “BANG!” The noise was so loud I felt for sure I was dead. The stinky animal let go and ran away. Then Gramps yelled, “Get back! It’s a SKUNK!” Then Gram and Gramps both jumped into the back door. I tried to get in, too, but they closed the door. I jumped high in the air so they’d know how much I wanted to get into the house, to snuggle into my safe bed. But they didn’t understand. I went around to the garage and tried that door. But still, they wouldn’t let me in. They threw towels out the door and put out my food and water dishes. I was so scared. I threw up and then rubbed my face on the towels trying to make my eyes stop burning. After a while, I slept in the old dog house in our garage, but I was soooooo mad at Gram and Gramps. The next day, Gramps gave me a bath with a special shampoo and fed me bacon and eggs. I think he was sorry for locking me out and for nearly making my heart stop when he shot the gun. I got to come back into the house, into my cozy bed in the sunroom. Gram had candles burning everywhere. I guess they don’t like skunks either. Personally, I hope I never see another skunk in my life. I still dream about the terrible night. Gram says when I sleep by her in her chair in the evenings, I twitch and growl and my feet try to run.  I guess that’s what nightmares can do to a Jack Russell Terrier, even though we are very brave dogs. She says I’m having “Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome.” She and Gramps still sniff me and say it’s almost gone. (Two weeks & three baths later!)  Here’s how the terrible skunk looked.

Your pal, Gypsy

PS- Stay away from skunks! They are evil!

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