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Sparky and Grey Bailey Meet Jasper Readers

Posted on: April 22, 2012

I was thrilled when Trisha Pfau invited me to visit her fifth-grade class at Tenth Street Elementary School in Jasper, Indiana.  Mrs. Pfau had read The Secret of Bailey’s Chase to her students and they wanted to meet the author. I loaded my bookbag with bookmarks for all the children, trivia and discussion questions, candy for prizes, and a free book for the teacher. I set the GPS on my car and off I went.

It was Friday the 13th of April, but no bad luck happened on that day. The children were attentive and courteous. They were eager to discuss the book, asked good questions, and all ended up with candy. We talked about reading and writing in general, settings, plots, literary terms, and characters. Together we created a character named Bob and gave him some interesting characteristics. We put the students into groups and did a point-of-view writing exercise, with each team writing a segment of a story and reading it aloud. These Jasper writers were very creative.

One thoughtful girl (second from left in second row) had written a small book for me. I treasure it. Mrs. Pfau is now reading the sequel, Back to Bailey’s Chase to her class. I hope they enjoy it and will email me their comments.

Mrs. Pfau has already invited me back next year to do it again with her new class, so until then I wish her and her students well, and thank them for inviting me to their lovely school in Jasper.

God bless those teachers who make time to read to their classes!


2 Responses to "Sparky and Grey Bailey Meet Jasper Readers"

I bet they had a wonderful time & were learning @ the same time.

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