Have a Marlis Day!


Posted on: May 29, 2012

It was “Be Kind to Animals Week” and my second grade teacher asked us to bring our pets to school for a pet show. Living on a busy city street in Vincennes, I couldn’t keep a pet alive, so my grandmother loaned me two kittens for the day. When Mom saw the picture she said, “The teacher must like you, Marlis; she seated you right in the middle!”

How I envied Nancy, who won the blue ribbon, with her terrier Topsy. (see Nancy holding ribbon) Nancy always won. She was the May Day queen; I was an attendant. She won first place in the safety poster contest, which I was certain her first-grade teacher mother had made. My parents handed me a box of crayons and wished me luck. I still came in second.

Topsy sat up, walked upright, and shook hands. Nancy brought a little suitcase of dollclothes and dressed Topsy. The judges loved her. My borrowed kittens slept through it all. I have tried to remain unaffected by the whole thing, but it may have some bearing on the fact that I now have a terrier, Gypsy, (Yeah, I know the name is similar)  and she does WAY more tricks than Topsy. She wins ribbons, trophies, and cash prizes when I enter her in pet shows. How I wish Nancy could be in the audience someday.  My counselor/sister says I have carried this unhealthy issue too long, so I’ll never bring it up again. (By the way, did I mention Gypsy jumps through hoops, weaves through my legs as I walk, plays leapfrog, dances, twirls, and plays dead when shot with a toy gun?) If only we could have a rematch….


2 Responses to "THE PET SHOW"

Wonder if Nancy is following your blogs……….

Ahh – the desire for revenge never really cools eh?

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