Have a Marlis Day!


Posted on: June 25, 2012

June 9 & 10. Another Printers’ Row 2-Day Street Bookfair in Chicago! What can I say? Four city blocks closed off, rows and rows of white tents holding every kind of book imaginable. A crowd of 125,000 strolling through the streets, enjoying  music,  food vendors, meeting authors, buying books. It’s fun spending time and sharing meals with other Echelon Press authors. Posed behind my book display are: Jen Wylie, Claudia Whitsitt, Sean Hayden, and Gale Borger. My table-mate, Norm Cowie, wore fangs when he shared his werewolf book. I asked the man in the hat if he were Superman. “No,” he told me. “Just superfluous.” We talked. He’s a retired Chicago English teacher who visits schools doing Shakespeare imitations. Interesting. Again, I sold lots of books and met so many readers, both young and old. I look forward to Printers Row 2013. Kudos to Publisher Karen Syed for pulling this all together!


4 Responses to "CHICAGO, CHICAGO!!"

Sounds wonderful!

looks like fun, glad you all sold well

Hi Marlis,
I’m the odd fellow w/the Superman shirt at the PRLitFest. I bought a copy of “The Curriculum Murders” for my Kindle shortly after we met. Haven’t yet read it, but it’s in the queue.Enjoyed your column on the queen and your coronation story. How many American children would sit still to watch a coronation (of Charles or whoever!). Enjoyed talking with you and expect to enjoy your book. All the best to you!

(trying hard not to be superfluous)

You were delightful! What a fun way to spend your retirement years. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you like my novel, The Curriculum Murders. Love to hear from you when you’re finished.
ps-you’re not in the least superfluous.

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