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I Love Girl Scouts!

Posted on: July 7, 2012

How exciting to spend a day with the Knox County Girl Scouts at their day camp. I shared my own  camp adventures and activities and was surprised to find things haven’t changed much at all. Scouts still hoist the flag first and last each day, reciting their pledges. They swim, hike, do crafts, make flags, play games, sing, cook over camp fires, and even eat the same meals as yester years. I shared my old “mess kit” and told them how I worked Girl Scout camp into my Bailey’s Chase novels. I read about Sparky’s and Grey’s first day of camp, then hinted about the magic that occured later. I told them how much I enjoyed the storyteller from the library who came to my camp…and to Sparky’s and Grey’s camp.

When the leaders asked the girls to gather for my presentation, they asked them to bring their “Sit-upons.” I was delighted to find they still use them. Some of the younger scouts had made a flag and presented it to me. If you check out my facebook page, you will see it and more pictures. Girl Scout Day Camp was one of the happiest chapters of my early years.  Visiting them was like a breath of fresh air!


3 Responses to "I Love Girl Scouts!"

I know you had a wonderful time with those girls, and I can tell they enjoyed there time with you too. I was in the Boy Scouts while living in Germany in the early 50’s and had wonderful time-100 mile 10 day hiking trip around country side about the old historic town of Nurmberg were I lived. My troop leaders were all military personal who spent a lot of their time like you did making live interesting for us- 12 yr old boys. Jay R Tuttle


I’m so glad you enjoyed your day with the Girl Scouts! Hopefully, Day Camp will be back at Camp Wildwood next year.

I loved Girl Scout Day Camp when I was young too. Sounds like I did the same things as these girls. Glad to hear they are still doing the same things & having fun.

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