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Beach Week 2012

Posted on: August 19, 2012

Another week of sand, sun, surf, shopping, and seafood at our favorite beach in Destin. My daughter Stephanie and I shared a condo with her girls Chase and Grayson, their friend Audrey, and their cousin Andrew. While there I read two good books: Miss Aggie’s Gone Missing by Frances Devine and Zemsta by Victoria Brown. My first mystery, Why Johnny Died, was still free on amazon, so whenever I noticed someone reading a Kindle or Nook, I shared this information. People always love something free. Thanks to all who ordered it!

We’re all getting adjusted to our new schedules. Softball is over. The kids started school, so I’m not so busy with pop-in visits. I’m reading a wonderful memoir: Sipping from the Nile, My Exodus from Egypt by Jean Naggar.

Have a lovely end of summer and thanks for reading my blog. If you’d like to see more beach photos, check out my facebook page.




4 Responses to "Beach Week 2012"

Looks very peaceful there and very vacation-like! From what it looks like, you are having a very good time!!!

Morgan Mandel

Great Photo! Love that you all wore white. Do you recommend Naggar’s book to a truth hound like me?

Marlis: Thanks so much for the favorable mention of my book Zemsta. It’s much appreciated. If you would like to give away 5 books to your followers, I would be happy to provide. Let me know at tori(@sign)woodchuckpublishers.com

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