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Our New Wheels!

Posted on: September 5, 2012

It’s called a John Deere Gator and we love it. I use it to buzz all over the farm with Gypsy riding shotgun. It’s great for hauling kids and floaties down to the lake, taking hay to the horses, carting mulch around, hauling produce in from the garden, moving lawn furniture, or visiting the neighbors. Since it uses so little gas, Gypsy and I sometimes just cruise around with the breeze in our faces and enjoy the day. The older grandkids drive it and take their friends on joy rides.  One day we came home after a wind storm and they had driven it around and collected all the sticks from the yard.

Who says seniors can’t have fun? I wish we’d have gotten one of these sooner.  Maybe when I’m riding around one of these days, I’ll think up a new story.



4 Responses to "Our New Wheels!"

Cute pic with the dog. The kids are cute too.

Morgan Mandel

Is it an electric cart or does it use gas? Reminds me of the electric carts I drove when I was a tour guide at Paramount Pictures. Those things were fun to drive as long as they stayed charged.

I,m glad you went with a John Deere. That’s the only mower I have had. I have had 5 so far. I sold the one that was 34 yrs. old last year.The present one is a model 322. This one is a 3 cylinder, full power model.( It even has a light that comes on when the gas gets low. Have fun, it looks like a dandy. Plan to see you at the fall festival. So long for now.

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