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Christmas 2012 003

My grandgirls (ages 10 & 13) were great resources for my Bailey’s Chase Novels. When choosing a title, my oldest grandgirl’s name came to mind. Chase also designates a place and is often used in street or village names. Perfect for my early thoughts of The Secret of Bailey’s……..

When naming the main characters, these cousins with super powers, Sparky was mentioned by a writer friend for the more vivacious girl. I needed a calm name – one with quiet dignity and intelligence for her cousin. My younger grandgirl’s name: Grayson, brought to mind Grey, in the English spelling and shortened for Greyling, the latter part a combination of foundling or orphan and changling, a magical character with the ability to change forms.

Names settled, I listened to the girls and their friends talk, noting their speech patterns and expressions. I was especially happy to hear that “Cool” is still popular, as in my heyday. When I needed a name for a magical fish, I asked Gracie, then seven, and she suggested “Hinta.” So Hinta it was, as was “The River of Dreams.”

I was pleased to know that young girls still read Nancy Drew books and that Nancy has evolved with the times. I watched the movie with the girls and found it true to Nancy Drew and her sleuthing abilities and courage. Also, I noted what level of homework and special report assignments were current and used them in the book. Even though most young girls don’t read Little Women, gifted students like Grey usually do. And most girls have watched the updated movie.

Many Indiana schools take the same field trip as Miss Dooley and her class, and all Indiana students receive a healthy dose of the works of James Whitcomb Riley, since he’s our famous Hoosier poet.

By the way, I had planned to give the girls cowboy boots for Christmas and I did. But when I saw the fanciful hats and fuzzy footed pajamas, I couldn’t resist. What grandmother could?


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