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It’s always fun to schmooze with the Illinois reading teachers at their annual conference. Springfield is such a delightful city, with its favorite son, Abraham Lincoln, appearing nearly everywhere. My husband reported a life-size wax Lincoln greeting him in the elevator at a sporting goods store. Abe’s name is on hotels, restaurants, parks, highways, streets, not to mention the awesome museum. Bronze life-size statues of him with his family stand in front of his law office on Main St. On this trip we visited his home and I could almost see “Old Honest Abe” walking through the door.
But mostly, I go for the teachers who still find it important to attend reading conferences and buy new books to take back to their schools and read to their students.
When you spend two days in a booth, you get acquainted with those around you. The women across for me were volunteers for the Lincoln museum, handing out Lincoln fans and info about the museum and library. When I needed a suggestion for a good restaurant, etc. I’d say “Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln!” and they’d instantly look my way with answers, sometimes hiding behind the fans they gave away (as in picture.)
Two thousand teachers attended this conference and I think most of them came by my booth, smiling, perusing the books. It makes me smile to think of the Bailey’s Chase novels being read to classes all over Illinois. I hope I get to visit some of those schools.

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