Have a Marlis Day!


Posted on: May 1, 2013

ImageMay Day was a big deal at my elementary school. Since the school was located by a park, our teachers took advantage of the bandstand and park benches as a setting for the annual event. We all hoped for a sunny day. A kindergarten queen surrounded by little princesses led the procession. Our tightly-corseted principal welcomed the crowd with honey-sweet words, alien to her normal voice. Older children frolicked around the park maypole, strewn with crepe-paper streamers for the special occasion, sang, and gave readings. Parents and grandparents, all wearing hats and bearing cameras, came to the outdoor celebration. This is the only picture of me as a kindergarten princess, taken in our backyard just before heading the two blocks to school. I remember that my grandmother made the long dress for me. While all the other princesses carried dainty little baskets with flowers cascading down the sides, my practical, creative parents cut fresh flowers from our yard, wrapped them with a lace doily and ribbon, and told me to be proud. I was, and didn’t think a thing about it until my brother laughed. He said the irises were so tall I couldn’t see over them and looked silly peeking around them as I walked behind the queen. (He loved to spoil my moments.)


5 Responses to "MAY DAY"

Thanks for sharing, Marlis. You were a lovely princess. BTW, I probably spoiled moments for my sisters as well.

You look adorable!

We didn’t do May Day per se. We had a May crowning at our parochial grammar school, where we’d all dress up and carry flowers and also put a floral crown on the Blessed Virgin statue. That was always a big event.

Morgan Mandel

Oh, what wonderful days have gone by never to return again. But our hearts hold the treasured memories that we can share with others and how wonderful that there are pictures.

I hope you hit him! … at some point.

Many times. But he always started it. He loved to aggravate me. Being only 17 mo apart in age, there was a lot of rivalry. In our teen years, we became friends and he has always been there for me since then. Today he lies in the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident. Today I pray for him as he goes through surgery on a lung infection resulting from 4 broken ribs. He has a heart of gold and was loved by his students. (He retired after teaching English to Jr. Hi students for over forty years.)

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