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ImageWhere do you like to read? My favorite spot is my front porch swing. First, I pile several pillows onto the swing for maximum comfort.  Then I place my cold drink and phone on a small table nearby. Next, I settle into place with my current book. I’ve found that I can keep the swing moving if I press the chains gently with my feet. Ah….now give me a warm day with a breeze, a good book in my lap, and it’s a little bit of Heaven. (By the way, this is exactly where Margo Brown read her books in Death of a Hoosier Schoolmaster.) When I glance up from my book, I have a good view of our front lane in case a friend drops in for a visit or a granddaughter comes by for an after school snack and help with homework. Living in southern Indiana usually allows me to enjoy this luxury from April until late October. Then, it’s inside by the fireplace, wrapped in a quilt, a cup of hot tea, and always – a good book. My favorite part of the day!


Hi! I'm Marlis.

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