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First Favorite Outfit

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Marlis's first favorite outfitI don’t remember the day this picture was taken, but I so recall the next summer when my mother got this little lace-trimmed green and yellow plaid sunsuit from the closet. I immediately remembered that I loved it and wanted to put it right on. She wouldn’t let me and I wailed with disappointment. She explained that I had grown and it didn’t fit me anymore. My two-year old brain registered sheer anger at the thought of outgrowing my favorite outfit. Shedding bitter tears, I watched her pack it into a box of clothes to give away. When I ran across this old picture I mused how some things never change. It still infuriates me when I find that I have outgrown my favorite clothes. I struggle with zippers when the dryer shrinks my favorite jeans. I’ve even tried to squeeze into them while lying on the bed, to no avail. Old belts no longer reach around me and skirts are uncomfortably tight. And it all just makes me so mad.  Yes, I’m a lot like the little girl in the picture. In fact, our body shape is now almost exactly the same. Arrrggghhhh!


4 Responses to "First Favorite Outfit"

Ain’t it the truth!

ROFL! How can you remember back so far? One of my earliest memories is HATING a leather jumper. It was hard to get on and off, and I threw a fit every time Mom made me wear it.

It’s truly scary how many things shrink in the dryer!

I came home from the ball game and read your blog. You look about my daughter’s age. 63 I may come to your bible study.

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