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An old poem ends with ” Richer than I you could never be, for I had a mother who read to me.” My earliest memories are at my mother’s side as she read to my brothers and me.  She subscribed to “Children’s Activities” later renamed “Highlights for Children” and I recall filling in the picture words as she trailed her finger over the lines. Oh, how I wanted to read. We traveled through nursery rhymes, fairy tales, the Hundred Acre Woods, and the Land of Oz. Later, she took us to the library and shared her great love of books with us. On this March 4th, we had Mom’s 36th birthday dinner at her parents’ home. I was nine and happy to be the only one in the picture with her. We still had our church clothes on so it must have been a warm day, not like this March 4. If Mom hadn’t shared her love of books with me, I wonder if I’d been the reader I am today. There would probably be no Margo Brown mysteries or  Bailey’s Chase novels for younger readers. Thank you, Mom, not only for being a wonderful mother, but for instilling a passion for books in me.

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