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Sleuths & Their Dogs

Posted on: April 9, 2014

Almost every good amateur sleuth has a dog. There’s Sarah Booth & Sweetie Pie, Stephanie Plum & Bob, Kate Davidson & Bella, Raine Stockton & Cisco, Maggie Porter & Sweet Pea, and many more.  Margo Brown’s collie, Sasha, appears in all three of my mysteries. Of course, my Lassie was the model for Sasha. I owned this magnificent animal for over fourteen years. I miss her and wish she were here to hunt mushrooms with me again. By the way, I believe spring has finally arrived. The morels are coming! The morels are coming!



4 Responses to "Sleuths & Their Dogs"

Morels! I’m awash with envy. My dad and I used to go to an old orchard, can’t begin to remember where it was, with pillowcases, and there they were! Some years just a few, one year so many we filled two pillowcases, dumped them in the car and came back for two more. Then we invited a bunch of people over and he fried them (the morels, not the people) in a very thin batter, in butter. I had no idea we were enjoying a feast that would cost, literally, more than a thousand dollars in today’s market.
And dogs… no life is complete or even meaningful (as far as I’m concerned) without that canine influence. Dog people, that is, people who actually care for, communicate with and respect their dogs, can be trusted to adhere to high standards of decency. Even hardened criminal dog people.
And the death of a beloved dog? The grief never ends.

Abbie, I should have mentioned the Doberman in your books! Good to hear from you.

WOW!!! What a nice morel find! Enjoy!

I should have mentioned Kate McCall and Pickles. I love them!

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