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New Indiana Author

Posted on: December 16, 2014

dale and me 001Last Saturday I signed books at the South Knox Craft show with a new Indiana author, Dale Glenn.

I asked if I could interview him for my blog and he agreed.

Dale, why did you decide to write this book?

People often ask me how I came to write the novel, Purcell Station, and I tell them it was an idea that simmered on the back burner of my mind for over forty years.  It began when I would spend my summers with visits to my grandparents in Decker, a small town in Knox County, Indiana.  It was there I discovered my family legacy in a town that was rich, not in material wealth, but in character and characters, some of whom were rather eccentric, and I realized they had a story to tell.  It wasn’t until I retired that I found the time and motivation to write it.

How would you describe this book?

It is a heartwarming, coming-of-age story of l950’s innocence, compassion, redemption, and rebirth.  Garrett, the twelve-year-old narrator, discovers his family legacy and is absorbed into the culture of the town, until one day in the basement of Slinker’s General Store he stumbles onto something he wasn’t supposed to see and nobody wanted to talk about.  That’s when he realized Purcell Station has some secrets it was hiding.  In his pursuit of the mystery, he realizes what his Grandmother meant when she said, “Life is one trial after another to see who has the mettle to stand up and do the right thing.”

Would you share a little background with my readers?

Born in Knox County where my family roots go back to the 1880’s, I began my career as an English teacher at Speedway High School in Indianapolis.  Since then I became a principal in Huntingburg and Bloomington, and an adjunct professor at Indiana University.  I still reside in
Bloomington.  My website is: purcellstation.com.

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4 Responses to "New Indiana Author"

Love you books! I lived in Burford Dorm 1969-1972. I am a retired teacher, also. My career began in the small southern Indiana town of Orleans, Dogwood Capital of Indiana. We are in Missouri at present, but will return periodically during the year as Orleans will celebrate their Centennial!

Did you mean my books or Dale’s book? I also lived in Burford Hall at ISU, a few years before you. Thanks for the comments!

Your book–Why Johnnie Died–and I just recieved The Curriculum Murders–loved that also–and am in the middle of Death of a Hoosier Schoolmaster!
Thank you so much for the reply–wish I had met you back when!!:) I enjoyed ISU, especially after beginning at IU—something about the smaller campus made a big hit with me.
Keep writing..who is Dale?
mary terry townsley
eldon, mo via Orleans, IN

Dale is a retired Blooming principal, just wrote his first book. Set in Indiana, small town, coming of age story. Good read. Thanks for the kind words regarding my books. You might also enjoy my Bailey’s Chase novels. Both available on amazon.

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