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authors at fairLast week four other authors and I (all educators) shared a table at the Knox Co. Fair. The purpose was to bring a little literary flair to the otherwise agricultural event. The plan was to meet and greet, sell and sign books. Actually, more meeting and greeting took place than selling and signing, but it was a fun week. Book lovers came and shared titles of beloved books. Old friends surfaced with memories and handshakes.

The best part of being an author has been meeting other writers. As the “Old Soldier” of the group, I shared favorite conferences and outlets to these first-time authors. (The KY Book Fair being  my favorite venue.)

Jim Beery, local teacher and journalist, compiled his articles, including pictures of family members. Dr. Dale Glenn of Bloomington shared memories of summers with his grandparents in small, nearby Decker in his novel, PURCELL STATION. Wini Frances and Linda Miller of Daviess Co. published read-alouds for children.

Thanks to all who dropped by our table. Keep reading and sharing those good books!

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