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Posted on: May 5, 2016

book boxAttention, Booklovers! While visiting my niece in Colorado Springs, my sister and I took the baby on daily walks. We often passed these British-style boxes, which I thought at first glance were for mail. Actually, they are for book exchanges. What a splendid idea! When you finish a book, just slip in into one of these boxes near your home and hopefully find one you’d like to read. The top shelf held children’s books, the lower half for adults. According to my sister, these boxes are also common in her son’s neighborhood in Boise. What a great idea! Avid readers often read the same books and share favorite authors. My book club reads mostly best-sellers with a sprinkling of classics and biographies. Some readers save every book for their own shelves, while others, like me, keep only favorites and pass on the rest. However, I don’t see these working in our small community, since we can borrow books at our community library, on the honor system, keep as long as we wish and return with no worry of overdue fines. Actually, kids who roam the streets would probably have fun desecrating these tiny shrines to literature by stuffing a dead cat or other disgusting item into them. Not to mention the fun of spray painting the f word onto the little roof or twisting off the swinging door. I’m not being a pessimist, my friends; these are the acts I witness at the local community center. How fortunate are the book lovers who live in these lovely neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and cul-de-sacs. They are the ones who would benefit from these clever book boxes. I’m still glad I live in the country, where I can make a five-minute run to the library, or simply whip out my Kindle. But it is a splendid idea.


2 Responses to "A SPLENDID IDEA!"

Marlis, I saw these when we visited Canada also–great idea!

ISU grad 1971–1973

Thanks for reading my blog, Mary. A friend at my book club meeting last night said they have these in Plainfield, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis. Glad it’s catching on. Wonder who started it?

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