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CarolynAnnaWilmaBarbaraPennymary-welk-2013FloridajailairportMy advice to young brides is to find some girlfriends. Even in the best marriages, girlfriends are as essential as air in a happy woman’s life. They support us when our men don’t understand. They hold us when our mother dies or our child is sick or our teenager is in trouble. They help paint nurseries or illustrate children’s books and travel miles to signings. My girlfriends and I have cheered for each other’s children in school events, carried in casseroles and cakes in times of  sadness, babysat, dogsat, housesat, and hosted showers for each other’s grown-up youngsters about to marry or become parents. We travel together to the beach, finding our ways through airports, navigating rental cars in busy cities, sharing condos and seafood platters. We take bus trips to dinner plays and musicals, while fussing over the seating and air conditioning and musing how our husbands would simply Sandyhate the whole business. Who else would dress up with you for Halloween or be part of a comedy routine you created or wear silly hats to meet authors at your book club’s annual dinner? Or meet for lunch at a moment’s notice or discuss favorite books with you or sit with you at the hospital while waiting for results of a test or while you waited for a loved one to die. Or come to help sew costumes or offer to run your car through the car wash just before a funeral. My girlfriends and I laugh, cry, and pray together. We sit through movies sharing popcorn and tissues, marveling at the new luxury reclining seats. Some of us have been friends since high school, some since college, and the newer ones we have added as they appeared in our lives.  We don’t always agree on politics or religion, but we agree how quickly the journey of life is passing and the beauty and wonder of our amazing children and grandchildren. Girlfriends have the uncanny ability to show up when you need them most and know exactly what to do. When a crisis occurs, phones ring, texts fly, and these superheroes arrive to help. Some of our girlfriends have passed but we carry them in our hearts. May God bless these strong women. The Ya-Ya Sisters have nothing on us.

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