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beckbrentIt was a warm summer evening a few years ago when  I bribed the family with pizza and ice cream, if they would participate in family skit night. “Oh no,” they groaned. “We can’t do anything – we have no talent.” “Tomorrow night,” I insisted. “It will be so much fun and a night to always remember.” I invited sister Becky and hubby Brent to join in, but they opted to be the judges for the event. In great anticipation I watched the families huddle and plan. There was much discussion and searching for props.

june-2012-042DJ only agreed to join me in a song and dance since we had seen a similar skit on a cruise and he found it hilarious. We offered to go first and the grandchildren’s eyes widened when we marched onto the front walk in our bizarre outfits.  Our rendition of “Side by Side” was appropriate for our age and our almost 50 years of weathering the storms together. The stoic judges held up a card with the rather disappointing score of six.

june-2012-056The Keller family act was next. However, Joe developed a mysterious ailment and had to be excused. Music blared while Gracie lip- synced a Hannah Montana song. Stephanie, Chase, and cousin Andrew danced, twirled, and swung each other around in the background. It was perfectly choreographed and wonderful! The Stuckey judges held up nine points for them. We all clapped and cheered from the front porch.

The Days’ skit consisted of the boys on all fours fetching and retrieving balls, sitting up, and barking, while little sister giggled. During the whole time, the song, “Who Let the Dogs Out? Who? Who?” played loudly and the tricks were followed by the whole family dancing about on the grassy stage. The audience loved it. They also got a nine.
june-2012-038Nephew Jeff, a brilliant baritone, was visiting from Texas and agreed to be a part of the fun. His masterful performance of “Amazing Grace” was truly awesome, if not appreciated by the kids on the porch (as you can see by their faces.)  However, he received ten points and won the $25.00 gift certificate from Target.

june-2012-049skit-2 Pizza and ice cream were enjoyed by all, and I think Joe recovered enough for supper. I’m not sure how the others remember that evening, but for me, it was one of the best days of my life.  I had hoped it would be an annual event, but whenever I mention it, eyes roll and rooms clear. Oh well, it was a memory I will always cherish, even if the judges were a bit biased.

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