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When I finally joined the world and got a smart phone, I found it was sooo much more than a phone.

It’s a

  • message board
  • clock
  • calendar
  • map
  • stop watch
  • flashlight
  • notebook
  • compass
  • calculator
  • GPS
  • Hotel & Restaurant Guide
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • phone directory
  • camera
  • video camera
  • photo album
  • music payload
  • hymnal
  • Bible
  • newspaper
  • radio
  • magazine
  • book
  • movie
  • weather station
  • huge assortment of games
  • power for Netflix & Amazon Streaming on my TV
  • instant message source from friends
  • entire set of encyclopedias
  • shopping mall with home delivery

I don’t know how I ever lived without it! (I was always a late bloomer.) Have a great summer!



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