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When I was teaching, I always spent the last week of summer vacation cleaning my house. It felt good to know my house was in order when I entered a new school year. A creature of habit, I have continued this practice in my retirement. Now I wait until the day school starts to begin my annual chores. It seems like I should be doing something on those last dog-days of summer when the kids are in school and so many friends are going back to work. However, things have changed over the years. I no longer complete the job in a week. Now I work for four hours a day, usually from nine until one with a short lunch break. I think of Charlotte La Rue, Barbara Colley’s protaganist who cleans historic homes in New Orleans’ Garden District and usually stumbles over a body or a clue to a recent murder. Of course, none of this occurs for me, as I go from room to room, dragging my equipment and cleaning each room from top to bottom. But I think and imagine scenarios as I wash windows, curtains, and blinds, wipe woodworks, empty kitchen cabinets, vacuum carpets and furniture, clean light fixtures, and polish furniture. When I abandon all ideas for a plot, I listen to Blue Grass music, so loud it takes me far away from crime.  I’m finished now. It took two weeks but the house is so clean. Now I can spend the upcoming chilly days taking walks, making soup, and reading novels with only light cleaning on Fridays. Yes, I knew you’d ask: Do I hire out? Surpisingly, the answer is YES! I will come and clean your house. Here are my conditions: I work four hours a day, nine until one with a short lunch break…..and my fee is one thousand dollars a day. Let me know if you are interested.

Cheers and happy …ber months!

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