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Well, here I am back at the YMCA again! In my last post, I shared learning to swim at the local YMCA many years ago, as an eight-year-old. Now I find myself back at the local Y on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in a senior water/exercise class.

And I love it! The warm-water pool is shallow with ramps for easy, safe access. Instead of noisy, frisky kids I am surrounded by sweet senior ladies dipping, bending, rotating, and balancing for the instructor who calls out directives. In the battle against aging, we smile and lift those knees, stretch, and flex. We march and turn, lift weights and kick our legs in unison. When someone has a birthday, we clap and cheer to have existed another year. No one is judgmental and no one expects you to remember her name. My first friend there admitted she would never remember a name like Marlis, since she’d never heard it before. I told her to just call me Margo, my brothers’ nickname for me. Also, the protagonist in my  mysteries, but I didn’t mention that. I look forward to Tuesday!

Hi! I'm Marlis.

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