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Gypsy is fifteen today! I gave her a bath, trimmed her nails, and fixed her favorite lunch. The vet cautions this may be her last birthday, but since he started her on Lasix, she is getting around better and lost the persistent cough that’s been bugging her. The bout with Lyme’s Disease last year stole most of her hearing, but she still appears to enjoy life. Although she’s slowed down considerably and often stumbles on steps, she still enjoys a leisurely walk.  I remember all the pet shows she’s won for best tricks, all the children she’s entertained at schools, libraries, and scout camps. She loved visiting nursing homes and youth groups and never failed to win the hearts of everyone present. She’s been my constant companion for almost fifteen years, never straying far from me in case I’d need her to kill a snake or bark at an intruder. Gypsy keeps us on schedule, reminding us when it’s time to get up, go to bed, and have meals. It’s hard to explain how she’s enlarged our lives. She has a bed near my bed, by my recliner in the living room, and this one in the sun room. How quickly the years did pass, since she found us as a pup. I guess we’ve grown old together.

The geese are gathering. Maybe they sense snow is coming tomorrow and are making travel plans.  I walk around the cold lake and contemplate the bleak season upon us. I find myself making enough stew and soup for several days, visiting the library for armloads of books, digging out the warmest coats and mittens, and getting a flu shot. Going to the YMCA on Tuesday and Thursday mornings has enlarged our lives. New faces, new schedules, hearty lunches at favorite restaurants. Then there’s volunteering on Wednesday afternoons at the elementary school and church on Sunday,  but that still leaves a lot of week. And the bitter truth is: winter is coming with its cold, dark days, and I’m such a summer person. Friends migrate to Florida but we stay home with our little Jack Russell, Gypsy, who will soon be fifteen. Her steps are slower now and our walks shorter. I wonder if this will be her last winter. We both get stiff after watching too much TV in the evening and wobble a bit. My hubby and I have taken to the crossword puzzles in the daily papers, hoping to keep our minds active. We are frequent fans at the local basketball games, girls and boys, cheering on kids from our church and friends of our grandchildren. Our children and grands plan to be here for Thanksgiving dinner and I look forward to that day, when we’ll feast on a turkey dinner, then walk over to the barn and visit the llamas. Hopefully, I’ll get a picture. I’m ordering Christmas gifts online and look forward to selling books at the South Knox Christmas Craft show. Christmas will be delightful, hoping we can negotiate dates to celebrate with all the other family groups involved. After that, it’s longer and darker days. We will hunker in and make the best of it, but I won’t like it; I’m such a summer person.

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