Have a Marlis Day!


Posted on: January 5, 2019

Another year! Sharing the best titles I read in 2018. Hope my reading friends will share their favorites too. I have chosen my favorites, with the absolute best one first. After that, it’s random, all good books. Number one is THE THIRTEENTH TALE by D. Setterfield. Amazing story -0nly for true book lovers. For my one classic, I chose A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, not sure how I had missed this one. Very interesting time and place. The next one is a reread: MAMA MAKES UP HER MIND by Bailey White, a hilarious memoirs of a Florida teacher living with her mother. This is the book I take when I read to the blind or disabled. A collection of heart-warming adventures. I gave a copy to my girlfriends to share for Christmas. Cheap, I know, but maybe it will give them the incentive to read and pass it along. Still my favorite author, John Grisham rarely lets me down. A DAY OF RECKONING kept me turning pages and guessing. A real twist at the end!! GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW gave me a taste of Russian aristocracy. Sounds dreadful: an exiled count forced to live in an opulent hotel. Again, a surprise ending that pleased. THE SHOEMAKER’S WIFE, a story of immigration, servitude, and love. STILLHOUSE LAKE, a thriller, by Rachel Caine,  also read the sequel. KILLMAN CREEK. Y IS FOR YESTERDAY, had to include Sue Grafton’s last novel. I met her in Louisville and was a huge fan. THE GOOD DAUGHTERS, by Joyce Maynard, a story of a two families and their daughters. Next, THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY, a huge, unattractive girl grows up and ends up being the winner. THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, a good mystery by A.J. Finn. A lonely woman has a phobia and can’t leave her fancy NYC apartment so she watches her neighbors. One day she witnesses a murder. Of course, the murderer gets after her and it’s hard to run away when you’re afraid to go outside. Since I’ve had a love affair with the ocean all my life, I can’t resist books set on the beach. Both THE BAREFOOT SUMMER by Carolyn Brown and SUMMER GIRLS by M.A. Munroe, satisfied my longing for the salty, sea breeze. Good family stories, love and adventure. Last, and most recent is WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, by Delia Owens, a story of a young girl abandoned by her drunk father and how she survives in the southern marshes. Happy Reading!!

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