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I knew she wouldn’t live forever, but that fact made it no easier to say good-bye to my constant companion of fifteen years. Gypsy wandered into our lives as a pup and became a member of the family. My grandchildren don’t remember time without her at my side. It’s been a month now, and every day I look for her when I come home, when I settle into my chair for an evening of television, or when I take a walk. Life without her is going to take retraining my brain, no minor task at my age. I open my closet door and see one of her toys. I move a chair and find a treat she has hidden there. I imagine I hear her when the tiniest noise wakes me at night. I sent the trophies she won at the various dog shows to the grandchildren, to keep for her, to remember her always. She wrote letters to them regularly describing daily life here on the ranch. Her point of view came through me as naturally as my own voice. I hope the children will hold fond memories of this feisty Jack Russell terrier as she bragged about her interludes with snakes, raccoons, and other varmints on the farm. I piled her beds, feeding pads, leashes, and toys on top of her kennel in the garage. Someday I will give it away to a new dog owner, but not today. It takes all my energy to focus on the happy times we shared, the pet shows we won, and the children and senior citizens we entertained. This I strive for, instead of remembering the two-day sickness and the moonlit night when Joe and I buried her in the flower bed by the bird bath. Joe digging into the cold earth, with me sobbing at his side. Every day should get easier. Maybe I won’t cry tomorrow.

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