Have a Marlis Day!


Posted on: May 17, 2019

Oh, the fun we had when our two little grandgirls came to play in the basement. We had a dolly daycare business with a kitchen for preparing delicious children’s meals.

Sometimes we played school, teaching reading and writing as well as art and music. 

And sometimes we created amazing things at our craft table, cutting and pasting and sprinkling glitter.

But today the basement playroom is lonely. No one tends to the dollies or cooks nutritious lunches. No one teaches lessons or colors pictures.

I miss those days with the giggles and dress-up shows. But time doesn’t stand still, even for doting grandmothers and precious little girls. Now I remember where those little girls went; they grew up and became teenagers. Mothers and grandmothers: Enjoy every fleeting moment with your little ones. Those years pass too quickly.

2 Responses to "WHERE DID THEY GO?"

You might end up with a second go-around if there are great-grandkids! 😀

Oldest is 19 and planning to go to optometry school, so it’s gonna be a while. But I’ll be ready. Thanks for reading my blog!

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