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This picture always makes me think of Gypsy. For years, Gypsy had tried to catch a squirrel, but they were always too quick for her. UNTIL one day when a squirrel was off guard and she pounced on it with terrier fury. An instant snap to the neck and the poor squirrel was gone. Of course, there was no praise from us watching from the porch. Interestingly, she didn’t know what to do with it. She carried it all over the place: around the house, up and down the lane, even down to the banks of the pond. Clearly, she was distressed and regretted the whole incident. After hours of pacing about with the poor animal hanging from her jaws, she took it into the woods and laid it down in the leaves under a big tree. She came back to the porch and lay down, crossing her front legs and looking wistfully into the distance. I think she was just so ashamed of herself. Never again did she chase a squirrel.

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