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Why Johnny Died

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A Margo Brown Mystery
Book One

When seventh grader Johnny Benson dies of snakebite, the school and community are shocked. However, when his English teacher, Margo Brown, reads the entries in his writing journal she begins to suspect that his death was not accidental. Her attempt to question authorities creates waves and places her job and life in jeopardy.

Justice is served when Margo and her plucky friend, Roxie, uncover the truth, which rocks the local school and law enforcement authorities.

Set in the Heartland of America, WHY JOHNNY DIED is a poignant mystery novel which deals with unspeakable truths facing today’s children and teachers. It is a story of broken families and single parents, of homes laden with alcohol, drug abuse, and domestic violence. It is a frank look at how today’s teachers strive to deal with the baggage brought into the classroom by children of dysfunctional families. The unique, fast-moving plot combines reality, suspense, and humor.


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