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When I finally joined the world and got a smart phone, I found it was sooo much more than a phone.

It’s a

  • message board
  • clock
  • calendar
  • map
  • stop watch
  • flashlight
  • notebook
  • compass
  • calculator
  • GPS
  • Hotel & Restaurant Guide
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • phone directory
  • camera
  • video camera
  • photo album
  • music payload
  • hymnal
  • Bible
  • newspaper
  • radio
  • magazine
  • book
  • movie
  • weather station
  • huge assortment of games
  • power for Netflix & Amazon Streaming on my TV
  • instant message source from friends
  • entire set of encyclopedias
  • shopping mall with home delivery

I don’t know how I ever lived without it! (I was always a late bloomer.) Have a great summer!




beckbrentIt was a warm summer evening a few years ago when  I bribed the family with pizza and ice cream, if they would participate in family skit night. “Oh no,” they groaned. “We can’t do anything – we have no talent.” “Tomorrow night,” I insisted. “It will be so much fun and a night to always remember.” I invited sister Becky and hubby Brent to join in, but they opted to be the judges for the event. In great anticipation I watched the families huddle and plan. There was much discussion and searching for props.

june-2012-042DJ only agreed to join me in a song and dance since we had seen a similar skit on a cruise and he found it hilarious. We offered to go first and the grandchildren’s eyes widened when we marched onto the front walk in our bizarre outfits.  Our rendition of “Side by Side” was appropriate for our age and our almost 50 years of weathering the storms together. The stoic judges held up a card with the rather disappointing score of six.

june-2012-056The Keller family act was next. However, Joe developed a mysterious ailment and had to be excused. Music blared while Gracie lip- synced a Hannah Montana song. Stephanie, Chase, and cousin Andrew danced, twirled, and swung each other around in the background. It was perfectly choreographed and wonderful! The Stuckey judges held up nine points for them. We all clapped and cheered from the front porch.

The Days’ skit consisted of the boys on all fours fetching and retrieving balls, sitting up, and barking, while little sister giggled. During the whole time, the song, “Who Let the Dogs Out? Who? Who?” played loudly and the tricks were followed by the whole family dancing about on the grassy stage. The audience loved it. They also got a nine.
june-2012-038Nephew Jeff, a brilliant baritone, was visiting from Texas and agreed to be a part of the fun. His masterful performance of “Amazing Grace” was truly awesome, if not appreciated by the kids on the porch (as you can see by their faces.)  However, he received ten points and won the $25.00 gift certificate from Target.

june-2012-049skit-2 Pizza and ice cream were enjoyed by all, and I think Joe recovered enough for supper. I’m not sure how the others remember that evening, but for me, it was one of the best days of my life.  I had hoped it would be an annual event, but whenever I mention it, eyes roll and rooms clear. Oh well, it was a memory I will always cherish, even if the judges were a bit biased.

booksOkay, I’m retired and have time to read. I also have time to keep lists, so I made one and kept track of the books I read during 2016. Looks like I read around 56; I may not have finished a few boring ones. I know, I know,  it’s a book a week but for some reason it seemed just right. I always have a book going; when I finish one I start the next one. Only one was a reread: East of Eden by John Steinbeck, read the first time about fifteen years ago. I enjoyed it as much this time as the first time, absolutely a classic. If you’ve missed this one, visit your library soon. 

Not to bore you with details, I will share the titles of the BEST of the year, not in any order. Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf. (Soon to be a movie starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda) Also his trilogy Plainsong, Eventide, and Benediction. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman, The Whistler by John Grisham, A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler, The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows, The All Girls Filling Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg, Walk Me Home by Catherine Ryan Hyde, and the Jeanne Dams Dorothy Martin mystery series.

I hope this will help you find some good reads during 2017 and especially hope you will comment with your favorite titles of the year. I’m off to start my new list with the first book being a collection of short stories by P.D. James. Happy New Year!

2016-ske-craft-show Indiana authors Dale Glenn of Bloomington and Wini Frances of Washington shared a space with me yesterday at South Knox Elementary’s Christmas craft show. Being retired educators we share more than our love of books. Dale wrote a coming of age novel set in Decker, Indiana, while Wini pens early reader books featuring mice as the main characters.  My middle grade mystery/fantasy novels fit the needs of many parents and grandparents shopping for  pre-teen  readers. The hours from nine until four passed easily, as we had the chance to visit with a lot of unexpected friends. Those dear folks you go for years without meeting, but when you do, it’s “old home week” with fond memories to share and updates on family.  Band members faithfully served us lunch, checking on us often.  I slipped away from our area long enough to buy cinnamon rolls and a Christmas tree ornament from one of the many master crafters.  I was amazed when I learned that over two thousand shoppers attend this annual event. This is a spectacular fund-raiser for South Knox and I must say “Bravo” to the ones who started the whole business. It’s the third year for Dale and me, the first for Wini.  We laughed at Dale’s innovative mop-poster-stand, but it worked. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’ll buy someone a book this year.



The last summer morning. Hints of color are announcing themselves in the treetops, promising cool days. I carry my oatmeal to the front porch and watch steam rise from the lake. No more warm swims for a long time. A kingfisher, planning a feast of small fish, scolds from the woods. I hear long-overdue machines and voices of men as they clear brush along the road. A neighbor’s lonely calf bawls for its mother. My porch is a combination of summer and fall, summer pots waiting to be emptied, pumpkins already in place. I cut some roses for my sunroom and fill a tiny pot with purple blooms for the kitchen window. In two hours it will be fall with its three months of splendor. The hottest summer on record, I hear. Not so good for my tomatoes. Corn is disappearing from the fields as if vacuumed by a giant sweep. I recall the highlights, my visit to a cool Wisconsin island, the girlfriend vacation on a Florida beach, grandchildren staying with us for weeks. Ah, the cooking, the stories, the county fair. I tuck it all away in  my heart and thank my creator for allowing me to live in Indiana where the seasons are so breathtaking and welcome. Hoosier poet, James Whitcomb Riley, said it all when he penned “When the Frost is on the Punkin’.” I encourage my readers to find and read it; it’s so easy on the Internet, you know.   Happy Autumn!

CarolynAnnaWilmaBarbaraPennymary-welk-2013FloridajailairportMy advice to young brides is to find some girlfriends. Even in the best marriages, girlfriends are as essential as air in a happy woman’s life. They support us when our men don’t understand. They hold us when our mother dies or our child is sick or our teenager is in trouble. They help paint nurseries or illustrate children’s books and travel miles to signings. My girlfriends and I have cheered for each other’s children in school events, carried in casseroles and cakes in times of  sadness, babysat, dogsat, housesat, and hosted showers for each other’s grown-up youngsters about to marry or become parents. We travel together to the beach, finding our ways through airports, navigating rental cars in busy cities, sharing condos and seafood platters. We take bus trips to dinner plays and musicals, while fussing over the seating and air conditioning and musing how our husbands would simply Sandyhate the whole business. Who else would dress up with you for Halloween or be part of a comedy routine you created or wear silly hats to meet authors at your book club’s annual dinner? Or meet for lunch at a moment’s notice or discuss favorite books with you or sit with you at the hospital while waiting for results of a test or while you waited for a loved one to die. Or come to help sew costumes or offer to run your car through the car wash just before a funeral. My girlfriends and I laugh, cry, and pray together. We sit through movies sharing popcorn and tissues, marveling at the new luxury reclining seats. Some of us have been friends since high school, some since college, and the newer ones we have added as they appeared in our lives.  We don’t always agree on politics or religion, but we agree how quickly the journey of life is passing and the beauty and wonder of our amazing children and grandchildren. Girlfriends have the uncanny ability to show up when you need them most and know exactly what to do. When a crisis occurs, phones ring, texts fly, and these superheroes arrive to help. Some of our girlfriends have passed but we carry them in our hearts. May God bless these strong women. The Ya-Ya Sisters have nothing on us.

ZumbaBeef & Boards 7-14 001red hatsChefs

daddyThe lawn needed mowing but the golf clubs called. It was a hot, summer day when a neighbor snapped this picture and sent it to the local paper. We mused over the article and life’s decisions. Little did anyone know it it was probably his last chance to play golf or his last time to mow the yard.  Only days later his obituary appeared in the same paper. He taught school on Friday, got up to play in a golf tournament on Saturday but passed away instead of an aneurysm. He was 54.

I think of him of Father’s Day. I think of all he missed by not being able to retire and take those long-awaited trips with Mom. It was 1967 and he didn’t know about computers, microwaves, or cell phones. He missed the moon landing and walking my little sister down the aisle. Mostly, I regret that he didn’t get to meet his grandchildren. How proud he would have been when first grandchild was crowned Miss Knox County and later received a degree in optometry. I bet he would have carried her picture in his billfold. I can imagine him bragging to his friends about his grandson in pharmacy school. Being a former athlete, he would have delighted in my sister’s kids excelling in sports. His last grandchild inherited his artistic ability. I see him in the grandkids and they ask about him. It makes me sad on Father’s Day that he missed so many of life’s joys. I’m always glad when it’s over.

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